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Created by S.A Albert Butarbutar

Copyright 2009

Balikpapan,East Borneo


Present Perfect


When writing your sale pitch or speech, always have an introduction, a main body and solid conclusion.
Never attempt humor unless you know for sure you will land on your feet.
Prepare for the unexpected.There is no foolproof formula but sincerity is the key.

Stay Relevant
Find out as much as you can about the group you will be addressing in order to know their need and acknowledge them in your introduction.

Use Your Voice
Do you want your audience to get excited about your presentation?
Do you want to entertain?

When you know what your aim is, you can vary your pitch, tone, volume, resonance, and speed to suit your task.
Record your voice to make a self-assessment.
If you're not convinced, no one else will be.

Get Past Being Tense
When you are nervous, your audience will know just by your shallow breathing!
Calm your self by breathing depply from abdomen.
When you speak, There should be little movement in the cest area and more movement in the abdomen.
If there's tension in your face, throat, neck, shoulder and back, message it away with specific exercises.
Try yawning if you don't have time!

Engage Your Audience
Ask thought-provoking questions.
Get them to talk each other while regularly maintaining eye contact with you.
Address their needs, and aim to inspire them to action.
The length of your presentation isn't important if you've got their attention.

Make Silence Work For You
Silence need not be uncomfortable.
In fact, it can even be used to emphasize a point you've just made.
Don't shoot yourself in the foot bt attempting to fill silent lapses with verbal garbage such as "um","er","ah","ok", and "you know".
Not only do these fillers say absolutely nothing, they are annoying.

Talk, don't read
visualize talking to just one person instead of many people.
Avoid reading from notes.
Make eye contact and pause long enough to make a connection with a couple of people.
Keep it to two or three broad points because that's all they will remember anyway.