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Created by S.A Albert Butarbutar

Copyright 2009

Balikpapan,East Borneo


How to Be a Good Employee

We get up every day and go to work but not everyone who goes to work would be referred to as a good employee.
What makes a persona a good employee? A good employee exhibits promptness, good attendance, efficiency, attention to detail and is personable.

Whether working with the public or interacting with co-workers an amicable demeanor is desirable. No one wants to deal with someone who is rude, defensive or otherwise obnoxious. Following are a few guidelines for being a good employee.

Be on time for work,

Get up early enough so that you don't have to rush when preparing breakfast and getting ready for work.
If you wake up in the morning and have to rush you've already set yourself up for a stressful day.
Rushing can put you in a bad mood so by the time you get to work you're already in a bad mood. Leave for work early enough to account for traffic or other delays.
If you know you're going to be late for work or need to take a day off put the request in early enough so that it won't be a problem.
Of course unexpected events such as car trouble do occur.
In such an instance, make sure you call to inform your place of employment of the situation. Don't take unnecessary days off.
Attendance is one of the issues that are considered when considering employees for promotion. Keep breaks and lunch within the alloted time period.
Go to the bathroom only when needed.

Be friendly,

Make an effort to get along with co-workers.
Even if there are people in your place of employment that you don't get along with keep your personal feelings to yourself.
You don't have to be friends with them outside of the office.
Just respect the fact that they are your co-workers and put forth your best possible effort to get along with them during the work hours.
Making a conscious effort to be pleasant in every situation will help clear your mind and permit you to do a better job than if you are feeling anger, bitterness and resentment.
If there is a serious issue with another co-worker that is affecting your ability to perform your job properly address the issue with the co-worker and a superior.

Be efficient,

Perform your tasks to the best of your ability.
Pay attention to detail.
Depending upon the type of job you have quantity may be as important as quality if you have a daily or weekly quota that must be met.
By being efficient you can keep your quantity of production levels high without sacrificing quality.
Always be on the lookout for ways to increase your efficiency and productivity. Find ways to implement the suggestions of supervisors.
Being a good employee in an entry level position can lead to promotion.
By taking pride in your work you demonstrate that you have what it takes to climb the ladder of success.