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Created by S.A Albert Butarbutar

Copyright 2009

Balikpapan,East Borneo


The Goals of Employee Motivation - What Should They Be?

What are the goals of employee motivation?
This is something that every company has to decide prior to embarking on a motivation and training program.
In order to have an effective program the goals or outcome of the training need to be determined.
In addition, these need to be realistic and attainable goals for both the employees and the company.
In order to determine the goals of employee motivation you have to decide what it is you want to accomplish. If it is to have outstanding customer service then set out a plan that will train, motivate, and reward those involved with that aspect of your business. Once your objectives are decided upon then you can start to set the goals.

The goals of employee motivation should now be clear to you because you have set the objectives.
You should know and understand what types of training you will need.
Is there education involved to advance ability levels? This will take planning as new abilities take longer to acquire than just motivation. You have the education aspect covered.
The next step is to motivate.
Get the employees to do their current job better, with more enthusiasm.
This is where the goal setting comes in.
There must be a reward to the employees for achieving the goals set for them.

For example, if it was a specific goal for the engineering department to get a project to the testing stage on time, then reward the whole department when this is achieved.
Bring in breakfast for them one day.
Perhaps the department can be rewarded by going home 1 hour early.
The reward does not have to be huge or expensive.
However, in order for any employee motivation to work results must always be rewarded.
It is human nature to want praise, so by rewarding employees you are reinforcing the motivation.

Now you understand what the goals of employee motivation are.
You are in the position to make positive changes in your organization by implementing a strategic motivation and training program for all of your employees.